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The Future looks Bright


A Community that supports

Read what these community members have to say about the School bond.

Lisa E Peters

Have you seen the “pizza ad” which describes the monetary impact of the Okoboji Community School district bond issue? The cost of this bond is less than the cost of a large pizza to the average homeowner, per month. An old classmate jokingly said to me “no pizza for...

WAY PAST DUE! – Dennis and Dori Lippon

On April 3rd, we will have the opportunity to solve a long standing problem, the replacement of our antiquated, undersized and poorly located Okoboji Middle School.  Our current facility has students eating in the hallways, art room and entry areas of the building. ...

Amy and Randy Pas

The current Middle School in Arnolds Park has served the community for many years. We have been next door neighbors of the school for over twenty years. Our two children attend class at the Okoboji Middle School. Due to overcrowding and no room to expand it is time...

Bradenn Droegmiller, Okoboji Junior

It has been almost 3 years since I've left the middle school. Everyone can agree middle school is an awkward stage in a child's life, and something that doesn't really help improve a student's life is lack of space and lack of improvement within school. When I came to...

LuAnne and Blaine Kuchel

We are writing this article to share reasons why we support building a new middle school and making upgrades to the elementary school, high school, and athletic facilities in Milford. I am a former schoolteacher and my husband is a builder/land developer with property...

Tyler and Michaela Tamisiea

This past June of 2017, we relocated our family to the Okoboji area from Des Moines to join a family business.  It was not an easy decision to uproot our children because both attended a highly ranked elementary school in the state, Bergman Academy, which maintains...

Joe Conover

I write to voice my support for the proposed increase in the property tax levy by the Okoboji Community School District to pay for a new middle school and other needed maintenance and improvements to our schools’ infrastructure. Dickinson County is one of the few...

Join these community members and send us your story.


Aaron Jones

Ada De Graaf

Adam & Krista Roos

Adam & Lyndsey Gisch

Alex Heller

Ali Goehring

Andy & Amber Wolf

Annie & Brian Downing

Ashley Lage

Becky Heller

Billie Scott

Bob & Jan Bottolfsen

Bob Hansen

Brad & Jill Droegmiller

Brad & Laurie Simington

Brady Huntress

Brett & Danelle Stumbo

Brett Barthman

Brian & Ashley Richter

Caroline Vernon

Chad & Erin Frerichs

Chad & Jill Harms

Chad & Sherri Jones

Chad & TJ Simington

Chad Duffy

Chase & Katie Hesse

Clint & Katie Sires

Cory & Karess Knudtson

Dan & Allison Antoine

Dave & Emily Bossard

Dave & Sara Miller

Denny & Diana Walker

Devon & Amber Oberman

Elle Olthoff

Emil & Sue Richter

Eric & Becky Groeneweg

Eric & Jessica Schable

Gabe Goehring

Garth & Bonnie Neisses

Gary & Linnea Lambert

Gary & Lisa Peters

Grace Goehring

Haley Bouse

Jack & Cheri Eichman

Jacob & Kristin Jostand

Jake Dodge

Jamie & Kizze Hromatko

Jason & Raine Low

Jason & Tracie Lorenzen

Jay Weaver

Jeff & Jane Nielsen

Jeremy & Melissa Helmers

Jill Christoffels

Jim & Connie Early

Jim & Danni Bockman

Jim & Emily Vander Pol

Jlynn & Kevin Jones

Joe & Gayle Conover

Joe & Jodi Wittrock

Joe & Libby Newlin

John & Becky Schuett

John & Mary Franken

John Jr & Michelle Adams

Jon & Sara Allen

Jon& Shantel Pausley

Josh & Gena Riphagen

Josh & Kristy Miller

Josh & Natalie Sandbulte

Justin &  Jill Baker

Justin & Jenn Bouse

Justin & Megan Helgeson

Kari Heimdal

Lance & Tracy Evans

Laura Nielsen

Lee & Ann Ditsworth

Lorie Wilson

Lyndsey Kujahnsen

Marc Steffes

Matt & Amber Lippon

Matt Linquist

Max & Samantha Burgeson

Megan Peschong

Mike & Brittany Vander Pol

Mike & Linda Knudtson

Mike & Vicki Willison

Mikkinzie Peschong

Mitch Dowhower

Nathan Albrecht

Nathan Miklo

Nick & Kasey Fear

Noah Bouse

Nolan Hauge

Oak Hill Marina

Pam Gravert

Parker Harms

Pat & Kelley Colling

Patti Olthoff

Phil & Teresa Miklo

Randy & Amy Pas

Rich & Brenda Martin

Rich & Cindy Cody

Rick & Jean Ahrens

Ryan & Dawne Schmidt

Ryan & Jordan Stumbo

Ryan & Jenni Cunningham

Sandy Alexander

Scott & Susan Dodge

Scott & Teresa Goehring

Shaelyn Adams

Sheena Dowhower

Steve and Nancy Letcher

Susan Kruger

Tim & Jennifer Sather

Tim & Kymm Jones

Todd & Mary Abrahamson

Tom & Sheri Arends

Tony & Sharla Peschong

Travis & Juli Johnson

Trisha Booth

Tyler & Michaela Tamisiea

Virgil & Marietta Wahlman

Wade & Liz Daggett

Will & Jenna Dible

Zane & Elizabeth Knudtson

Visit www.okobojischools.org/bond for in-depth bond information

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